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PhD Students

Christian Pinto GómezUAB PhD. 2018
Directed self-assembly of block copolymers for the fabrication of nanomechanical structures.

After the PhD, he is working for ASML (NL).

Steven GottliebUAB PhD. 2018 (Doctorate Excellence award)
High-resolution guiding patterns for the directed self-assembly of block copolímers.

After the PhD, he moved to the private sector (consultancy).

Ana Conde Rubio UB PhD. 2018
Simulations, nanofabrication and optical characterization of plasmonic nanostructures.

After the PhD, she moved to EPFL, where she is working as posdoctoral researcher.

Federico GramazioUAB PhD. 2018
Determination of nanomechanical properties of surfaces by Atomic Force Microscopy using higher harmonics.

Laura Evangelio AraujoUAB PhD. 2017 (Doctorate Excellence award)
Directed self-assembly of block copolymers on chemically nano-patterned surfaces.

After the PhD, she moved to Dow Corning, where she is working as TS&D Researcher.

Jordi Llobet Sixto UAB PhD. 2016
Focused Ion Beam implantation as a tool for the fabrication of nano electromechanical devices.

Yigezu Mulugeta BirhaneUAB PhD. 2014
Development of conductive SPM probes for applications in biology.

After the PhD, he was enrolled in different research groups in Ethiopia. (Addis Ababa Institute of Technology)

Nerea Alayo BuenoUAB PhD. 2013
Fabrication methods for functional nanoparticles and interdigitated nanoelectrodes.

She made a postdoc at Univ. of Washington. She is now researcher at Catalan Institute for Research in Energy.

Giordano TosoliniUAB PhD. 2013
Force sensors based on piezoresistive and MOSFET cantilevers for biomolecular sensing.

He made a post.doc at the Italian Institute of Technology. He is a senior engineer at Infineon technologies, Germany.

Marc Sansa PernaUAB PhD. 2013
Characterization of nanomechanical resonators based on silicon nanowires.

After the PhD, he started a post-doc at CEA-LETI where he got a permanent research position.

Marta Fernández-RegúlezUAB PhD. 2012 (Doctorate Excellence award)
Silicon nanowire growth technologies for nanomechanical devices.

She has been Marie Curie Fellow at CEA-LETI (Grenoble). In 2016 she returned to IMB-CNM with a CoFUND Marie Curie fellowship.

Iñigo Martín FernándezUAB PhD.
RTCVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes and their wafer scale integration into FET and sensor processes.

Irene Fernández CuestaUAB PhD.
NanoImprint Lithography: Developments and nanodevices fabrication.

Gemma Rius SuñéUAB PhD.
Electron beam lithography for Nanofabrication.

Cristina Martín OlmosUAB PhD.
Micro/Nano fabrication of polymer-based devices.

Julien ArcamoneUAB PhD.
Integration of Nanomechanical Sensors on CMOS by Nanopatterning Methods.

Luís Guillermo Villanueva TorrijoUAB PhD.
Development of Cantilevers for Biomolecular Measurements.

Team members

Nil FontanalsMaster Student. 2015
Alex ChuquitarquiMaster Student. 2015
Sophie VerhaegheMaster Student Internship. 2015
Ana Conde-RubioUB PhD. 2015-2018
Angelos StreklasPostdoc. 2015-2018
Matteo LorenzoniPostdoc. 2014-2017
Daniel Ruso2012-2014
Beri Mbenkum2011-2013
Lorea Oria2009-2012
Alvaro San Paulo2008-2011