Framework Partnership Agreement for pilot production capabilities for quantum technologies (Horizon Europe, Project ID: 101079926)


The Qu-Pilot FPA consists of 13 partners from 9 different countries, aiming to develop and provide access to the first, federated European fabrication (production) capabilities for quantum technologies, building on and linking together existing infrastructures in Europe. Qu-Pilot will establish a capability innovation roadmap for providing experimental (pilot) production capabilities and a roadmap for transferring such capabilities to an industrial production environment. It will further provide experimental production capabilities for quantum technologies on the superconducting, photonics, semiconducting and diamond platforms, which will find application in computing, communication and sensing. The services will be available to users, including industry, in particular SMEs. Qu-Pilot will work closely with standardization efforts within quantum flagship to ensure development of European standards in the above fields. Qu-Pilot will provide services for the development of a European supply chain of quantum technologies, and give European industry, especially start-ups and SMEs, with the necessary innovation capacity, and make sure that critical IP remains within the EU. The competence development, industrial use-cases and ecosystem building – all the activities of Qu-Pilot FPA will be carried out within the specific grant agreements (SGAs) that will be granted from within the FPA.


Start date 1 March 2023, Duration 48 monts.